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Making Your Main Floor Show Well

Where do buyers form the most lasting impression of a home for sale that they visit?

On the main floor!

When buyers view a property, they often spend a lot of time on the main floor, thinking

and imagining. They visualize cooking in the kitchen, having family dinners in the dining

room, and entertaining guests in the living room. They even mentally calculate how their

furniture will fit! So, making the main floor look great to buyers is crucial when selling your property.

How do you do that?

An effective technique is to walk your main floor the way a buyer would. Start at your

front entrance. Stand there for a moment and look around. Get a sense of the impression a buyer is likely to get from that perspective.

Next, walk to the kitchen area, because that’s where buyers often venture next. Again, linger a while and look around. Does the kitchen look clean and seem as spacious as possible (given its size)?

Finally, check out the other rooms on the main floor, including the washroom, if there is

one. Gauge how you feel and the impression you form as you visit these spaces.

Once you’ve done that mock tour, write down ideas that jumped out at you for

improvements. Those may include uncluttering some areas, rearranging the

furniture, adding or taking away items, etc.

This is a simple but powerful technique for improving how your main floor looks to buyers.

Call today for more staging ideas that will make your home sell faster and for a good price.

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